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We are conveniently located on M-24, between Wendy's and McDonald's.

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"Dr. Cummings is competent and capable in giving quality care to her patients. I have come in needing care for an injury and also for maintenance of my overall health. I always leave feeling better and armed with suggestions for what I can do at home to help myself. I even bring my kids!"


"I love Dr. Teresa and her staff. I have hip dysplasia and had accepted that pain was a part of life but when I started seeing Dr. Teresa that all changed. She helped me find stretches that helps relieve pain and got me on a regular adjustment schedule. I've been 95% pain free for 2 years. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Teresa Cummings for a year now. I am a very active person I tend to be very hard on my body. I also have indigestion issues. Every time I would eat I would suffer from heart burn for at least an hour. Since my initial exam my mid back pain and indigestion has decreased by 80%. In the beginning I was adjusted three times a week. Now, I am down to once every two weeks. Dr. Teresa has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Who would think a chiropractor could help with heart burn! Thank you Dr. Teresa!"


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