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Wholistic Manual Medicine (WMM)

Science on Wholistic Manual Medicine is based on the following principles:


   The body can heal itself (if given a chance).

Human structure is as it is because of its functional history and even genetics.

Unimpeded flow of all body structures that is essential to health.

(muscles, bone, joints, craniosacral, lymph, visea, etc.)

   Emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of mind and self are intelligent and carry knowledge.

Energy follows thought: Rage, Sorrow, and Joy equals Beliefs and so, creating motion.

The physical body is “in motion.”


Overview on Wholistic Manual Medicine:


   Osteopathy is the science behind WMM. Practitioners use their hands to evaluate and facilitate a beneficial change to interrelationship and interdependence of structure and function. Based on the observation of nature and her workings. For them it’s the living breathing functional anatomy.

   Practitioners find restrictive imprints and physical trauma or dysfunctional motion in any tissue that facilitates release. They recognize that the body has stored knowledge and an information base beyond our ability to comprehend. Practitioners have countless techniques, have developed unique personal skills and styles, enabling them to pull from a variety of tools.